Does Docus Factor Really Work: Read An In-Depth Review Before Purchasing To Learn More

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As the number of people suffering from brain-related diseases like Alzheimer’s and Dementia increases, many people are worried about their own brain health and what they can do to improve it. That foggy feeling that pervades many people is not an inevitable part of aging. It is not something that just has to be dealt with.


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With the right product and the right determination, the invasive and muddy fog can be lifted from the mind so it is restored to a new state of clarity. Does such a product exist? Generally, the consensus has been to participate in puzzles that help keep the brain active and healthy. Recent studies have also proven that brain health supplements, that is, supplements that directly benefit the brain, can help a person boost their memory, concentration and focus. These supplements are also known to help provide the brain with the essential nutrients it needs to ensure it remains healthy.

One of the Best Sold Brain Supplements

Focus Factor is one brain health supplement that strives to help increase a person’s memory, concentration, and focus. Many are claiming that Focus Factor from Factor Nutrition Labs has the mixture to get the job done. It is a memory-focused supplement that promises two restore memory capacity in roughly two weeks. Individuals are expected to lift that foggy feeling and offer an aura of impervious thought and reflection.

All of this sounds splendid, but is it true? So does focus factor really work? The below is an objective review of Focus Factor. Also, is focus factor safe? These questions rest at the heart of this promising supplement.

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What is Focus Factor?

Focus Factor is one of the brain health supplements. Blended vitamins, minerals, herbs, and other ingredients combine to create a supplement created specifically for brain health and to provide the nutrients needed to help keep the brain healthy and active. There are more than 40 ingredients in this supplement, with about half being vitamins and minerals. The recommended dose is four tablets a day, no more than eight, taken with food.

What is in Focus Factor? The Ingredients


A number of famous ingredients, more than 40 in total, correlated with memory function are present in Focus Factor. Potential buyers want to know, what is in focus factor? They only need to look in its core blend. The main ingredient is DMAE, which is a complicated blend common in salmon and sardines.

Essetntial vitamins and minerals for a brain boost

Vitamins and Minerals

It also features a host of vitamins related to energy and clear-headedness, including Vitamin A, C, D, E, B12, B6, and D3. Additionally, it has a whole bunch of minerals like riboflavin, folic acid, biotin, calcium, iron, iodine, magnesium, zinc, copper, chromium, potassium, boron, and more.

Herbs and Plants

On a natural level, Focus Factor includes Huperzine and Bacopa. These are herb plant extracts found in the wetlands of the Indias. Bacopa is one of the most widely-regarded brain boosters, and it is a natural nootropic. There are also other ingredients including herbs like grape skin extract and billberry fruit extracts.

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And More Subtracts

Vinpocetine as well as ingredients like L-glutamine, docosahexaenoic acid concentrate, inositol and gamma-aminobutyric acid are included. Many of the above mentioned ingredients have been shown independently to help with brain health, such as memory function, focus, performance, energy level and creating a relaxed mood.

Is Focus Factor Safe?

So, is focus factor safe? So does focus factor really work? With the above ingredients, it is a safe product. The herbs are commonly used in brain boosters, and there is clear evidence supporting the mental prowess of energy-efficiency of the B vitamins present in Focus Factor. The unknown aspects are from the proprietary blend, which is kept secret for hiding the ingredients. This is a very common practice in the supplement market, and should not necessarily be used against the product. For example, almost all market energy drinks use a proprietary blend.

What Side Effects are People Talking About?

What side effects doe focus factor haveThe focus factor side effects are minimal. According to focus factor reviews, side effects have included intense migraine-like headaches, interruption to sleep cycle or intestinal pain and more. Some people may find that they are a little too clear, as if they had an extra cup of coffee. There is rarely a crash involved for there are trace quantities of caffeine in the supplement. But, they may find the feeling a little too much. It may take some time to get used to the formula.

Other reviews noted no focus factor side effects even with continued use over a period of time. If side effects are noted, the person should cease using the product immediately and discuss the supplement and side effects with their doctor before continuing use.

Natural and Non-Natural

natural nootropic supplementMost focus factor reviews emphasize the natural ingredients, but it may be the DMAE blend that is the most peculiar. The focus factor ingredients include a mixture of natural and non-natural substances. Many of these ingredients are present in market vitamins. But, the mass-market products are known to dilute their source, which inevitably waters down the vitamin. It often means that only 20% of the vitamins ingredients are actually absorbed in the body. Trace Lyte is also in the blend, as well as a widely underutilized ingredient called Inositol. This helps improve the quality, and retrieve absorption rates that are higher than mass-market comparables.

Studies and Results for Cognitive Enhancers

Cool Professor who makes studies about cognitive enhancersPotential customers from all across the nation are asking, what is focus factor? For an objective review, one must only seek the facts. A 2011 study surfaced some positive news for Factor Nutrition Labs and Focus Factor’s many enthusiasts. The placebo double-blind study contained 89 healthy adults. The results found a correlation in memory capacity and cognitive function. Dr. Gary Kay led the research. After the results surfaced after a number of months, Kay publicly stated that “the improvements in working memory we recorded were very exciting.”

Many experts are wanting clear results, but that can be particularly difficult to find in cognitive study. Notably, cognitive study often relies on spoken testimonies and feelings of the participants. These results are often gauged by self-confidence and external factors of life that have little to do with the cognitive functioning of any supplements. That makes isolating the results extremely difficult. Anthony Almada is keen to observe that “there is a lot of hype and duplicity in this category [cognitive supplements].” The President of IMAGINutrition is likely speaking about the cognitive enhancers with some noteworthy cognitive-related ingredients.

What Do the Reviews Say?

The best way to get an idea of whether or not the product actually works is to read a focus factor review. Reviews can be found on consumer reports’ websites as well as on sales websites and can be written by professionals or by those who have taken the supplement and want to share their experience. A summary of a positive and negative reviews is found here.

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Positive Reviews

On websites like, Focus Factor has a rating of 4.0 out of 5.0 stars. There are more than 300 four- and five-star reviews on the website and many of them talk about the benefits they have seen using the product. The reviews discuss taking the product for significant periods of time and noticing a difference in themselves when they stop taking the supplement for a period of time, then the change back when they resume taking the supplement. According to one focus factor review, the person took only one pill a day and was able to see the results they wanted.

Neutral Reviews

Many of the reviews are in the middle of the range. These reviews talk about noticing a difference when using the product regularly for a significant amount of time, but many reviewers noted they did not see as much of a benefit as they were hoping for. One reviewer did note the supplement is not very effective the full dosage of four pills is not taken every day. Most of the neutral reviews were from those who only took the product for a few months. neutral reviews
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Negative Reviews

Most of the negative reviews stem from not noticing a difference or being expensive to purchase. Others include side effects like severe headaches that made it impossible to use the product. Those who did not notice a difference stated they did use the product for a significant period of time without any benefits. According to a professional focus factor review, the supplement does contain elements that have proven or claimed abilities to improve mental capacity, though there is no way to confirm the manufacturer’s claim other than by reading reviews.

Those who are considering focus factor nutrition for the brain will want to read through the reviews to get an idea of whether or not the product is likely to work well for them. Although there are a few significant negative reviews, there are also quite a few positive reviews that include lists of benefits the user has experienced while taking the product or has seen in others when the other person took the product. Researching the product may show it’s worth a try, as many of the ingredients are known to be beneficial for brain health and the person may be able to see the increase in memory, concentration, and focus they’re looking for.

Ultimately, does focus factor really work?

The question is up to the individual to determine for themselves. The product is available online in discreet markets, and a favorable trial period is available for first-time customers. There are absolutely vital vitamins and ingredients in Focus Factor. The focus factor nutrition for the brain is clear in B12, Bacopa, and the DMAE blend. But, the supplement costs $80. Many of these vitamins exist in more affordable products. But, when it comes to clarity and energy, customers should pay the asking price for what they find effective. There is no clear cost for feeling greater and healthier.