How Can Natural Nootropics Help You Think Better?

Losing sleep is something that many people suffer from around the world for a variety of reasons. Some of these people lose sleep over stress and anxiety involving their jobs or school. Others may lose sleep due to personal stresses which prevent them from dealing with things properly over the normal course of their day. In many cases, these people resort to using over the counter stay awake pills and sometimes other types of all natural energy pills in order to fight off sleep while trying to conquer whatever tasks or problems they’re facing. Unfortunately for many of these people, all this does is tax their bodies and prevent them from actually making any cognitive progress towards whatever the problem they’re facing may be.

natural nootropics or chemical supplements

Chemicals or Naturals?

In most cases, pills that keep you awake are just chemicals that deprive your body of its natural sleep state. Your natural sleep state is important, since it allows your sub-conscious to work through problems you deal with on a day to day basis. Without this problem solving period, your brain is unable to process all the emotions, stress, anxieties, and other components that make up your mental processing for each day. If you deprive your body of sleep, you deprive your mind of what it needs to settle problems or come to terms with what’s going on in your life. This is a bad thing, but many people do it in the hopes that they can problem solve what’s going on with their big work or school project in order to get it done.

A Better Solution

Instead of taking pills to keep you awake in order to finish that big project at work or get through your day, there are better solutions that can help you achieve your goals. Cognitive stress can often come in many forms, and getting a little boost now and then isn’t a bad thing. Some people get it naturally from caffeine products like sodas and coffees, while others can get a quick boost of caffeine from an energy drink. This is because caffeine is a natural nootropic agent which helps increase your cognitive ability. Drinking coffee every morning is often seen as a quick way to wake up, but it also helps boost your cognitive power after coming out of your sleep state. This is why it’s so easy to comprehend things in the mornings after having your typical cup of coffee, versus the slow and sluggish mornings you may have without one.

green tea as natural supplement in nootropics

The Green Miracle

Another natural nootropic agent can be found in green tea. Green tea is a common drink among young adults who want a healthier life without ingesting sodas or other sugary beverages which can ruin their diets. One of the many differences in green tea and regular tea, is the differing agents found in green tea leaves like antioxidants and nootropic agents. Drinking green tea is a great way to flush your system of bad chemicals and other compounds which enter your body through your diet, while also providing you with a cognitive boost.

What Are Nootropics?

Nootropics are simply a compound that helps boost your brain’s natural cognitive ability and helps you think better. There are a variety of ways of including natural nootropics into your diet, as well as some pre-made drug combinations. The drug versions can often be a lot more dangerous to take than many people realize, due to their added ingredients which serve no other purpose than to act as filler for the pills themselves. In many cases, these fillers are harmless, but some can have adverse effects on certain people’s immune systems and bodies. It’s often a good idea to check out what these chemicals are before using a product, to better understand the effects they may have on your body.

A Natural Supplement

As for natural nootropics, as stated before there are a variety of ways to get these compounds naturally. Caffeine and green tea are two of the most common ways to get naturally occurring nootropics, but there are also natural supplements that can do this as well. With a natural supplement that provides you with nootropics, you can get the cognitive boost you need without the added dangers of filler chemicals found in many pills. Natural supplements for nootropics come in a variety of dosages, making it important to follow the dosage suggestions as you take them. Many people try to over compensate at first when trying both natural and synthetic nootropics, taking too many of them as they first start out. Taking the recommended dosage is always the safest route, regardless of which type you’ve decided to use.


Instead of forcing your body to stay awake when you have a lot of work piled on you to finish, let your body get the sleep it needs instead. With the use of natural nootropics, you can provide your brain with the added boost and help it needs to process whatever tasks you have at hand, and still get the sleep you need at night to allow your brain and body to relax and rejuvenate.