What You Can Learn From Onnit Alpha Brain Reviews

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There’s a growing interest in things that we can do to enhance our minds and learn more quickly. Some of the methods that people are promoting sound a little like something a mad scientist would attempt in a gothic horror novel, right down to using electric currents to influence the brain’s behavior. Other approaches are a little more like a gentle in their approach. For example taking a supplement like Alpha Brain by Onnit Labs.

Are Alpha Brain Pills A hype, Scam or Proven?

If you keep up with any news, you are sure to have heard about research being carried out on certain types of brain-boosting supplements. One supplement has become quite popular among consumers and has even be promoted through celebrities, like Joe Rogan. This supplement promises to increase your cognitive function, mental clarity, concentration, memory and mood. It also promotes added motivation, so you are able to stay focused on the task at hand. Alpha Brain has received a lot of attention since it was released in 2010. Like any other consumer, you are sure to wonder: does alpha brain work or does it sound as the next scammy product? Through this complete review, you will have all of the information you need, to decide if this supplement will work for you.

Is It Entirely Legal?

The first thing that anyone should bear in mind when thinking about taking something to give themselves a boost is whether they might be breaking laws in the process. The good news is that Alpha Brain is entirely legal. It combines a variety of vitamins and supplements that have effects that can lead to better brain function, but it doesn’t contain anything like Adderall, that would be available only by prescription.

This is obviously good from the standpoint of avoiding problems from the law, but it also has a side benefit. Since people don’t have to be afraid that they might get in trouble, they can be much more detailed and honest in whatever Onnit Alpha Brain reviews they choose to share online.

What Are The Ingredients In Alpha Brain?

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Before you even consider taking this supplement, you need to know about the alpha brain ingredients in each capsule. The latest formulation of Alpha Brain contains eleven all-natural ingredients, that are meant to promote better brain function. They include:

  • Bacopa is a tropical plant native to India. It has been used for centuries, to improve memory, recall and comprehension. Each capsule contains 100 mg of this plant.
  • Vitamin B6 is needed in many areas of the body. Alpha Brain contains 10 mg, to maintain the neurotransmitters in your brain.
  • Vinpocetine is a vasodilator and helps to increase blood flow to the brain and other areas of the body. You will find each capsule contains 5 mg.
  • L-tyrosine is an important amino acid that is crucial for brain function. There are 300 mg of this ingredient in each capsule.
  • L-theanine is a natural ingredient that has been proven to help with speech and math. It also improves your reaction time. You will find these capsules contain 200 mg of L-theanine.
  • AC-11 boosts collagen production and helps to repair DNA damage that occurs in periods of stress. Alpha Brain contains 350 mg.
  • Huperzia Serrata is an Asian plant that has been proven to help improve memory. Some believe it helps people to experience lucid dreams. Forty milligrams of this plant are included.
  • Alpha GPC is a safe ingredient that works to boost your cognitive function. There are 100 mg of Alpha GPC in each capsule.
  • Phosphatidylserine comes from soy and helps you to have a better memory and increased cognitive function. This supplement contains 50 mg.
  • Pterostilbene is thought to keep the brain younger and helps to prevent age-related declines in brain function. Alpha Brain includes 750 mg of this substance.

Does Alpha Brain Cause Any Side-Effects?

possible side effectsAs with any vitamin or mineral supplement, it is important you discuss taking Alpha Brain with your doctor. Just like other nootropics, this pill has been proven safe for most people. While most people do not experience any troubling side-effects, there are some alpha brain side effects you should be aware of. For the vast majority of people, these side-effects grow less severe after the body gets used to the ingredients.

Some people have reported Alpha Brain causes headaches and a feeling of pressure in the head. Through research, it has been found this is most likely due to the increased acetylcholine in the brain. If you take this supplement and find your headaches are severe or are not improving, you need to speak with your doctor. Other side-effects may include:

  • Feelings of jitteriness
  • Irritability

These often go away, as the body grows accustomed to the natural ingredients in Alpha Brain. The main concern most people want to ask about, is alpha brain safe. Since there are several clinical trial studies showing the relative safety of coginitive enhancers, you should not be concerned about the safety of Alpha Brain. Of course, when you have any doubts or concerns taking these pills or any other supplement, you should contact your doctor.

Personal Experience Matter; What Results Can You Expect From Taking Alpha Brain?

personal experience when using nootropicsThose who live a healthy lifestyle, with a diet rich in fruits and vegetables may not see major results. Those who live busy lifestyles, are low on sleep and do not eat as healthy as they should, often report experiencing the best benefits.

Those who take Alpha Brain as it is directed, overwhelmingly report seeing positive changes to their brain function. They are able to stay focused, see increased memory and better understanding. As an added bonus, people also report Alpha Brain helps to increase their mood and motivation, so they are better able to face each day. Many have also reported being able to fully remember their dreams when they awaken each morning.

Before you dive into reading reviews, you should keep in mind that a person’s response to nootropics is a very individual thing. You’ve probably heard stories about how people who have to get medication from a psychiatrist might go through several different drugs and a variety of different doses before coming up with something that they’re completely happy with. The same basic premise applies, though to a lesser degree, when you’re just trying to give your brain a small boost.

Reviews can give you a sense of whether a particular pill helps most people, and what kinds of side effects they sometimes see. You just shouldn’t take someone else’s review as an absolute guarantee that you’re going to have the same experience. For better or worse, you have your own brain and it’s going to respond in its own way.

Making The Most Of Reviews

Ultimate review of reviews of Alpha Brain pillWhen you’re looking at an alphabrain review, pay attention to how similar the person in the review is to yourself. Alpha Brain has a set of ingredients that are probably going to do the most for people who aren’t necessarily eating a perfect diet. It contains vitamins like B6, which can be beneficial for somewhere between 20 and 40 percent of the population by itself.

It also contains L-theanine, which is something that you can get by drinking genuine tea, though you would have to have several cups a day to match the 200 mg in the supplements. Still, this has been shown to help people focus in labs, but if you’re already drinking a few healthy cups of tea a day it might not matter.

The supplements also work in two separate ways to increase the action of choline in your body. It includes it directly in the form of alpha GPC, and also provides inhibitors that help to prevent acetylcholine to be broken down. This means that its effect will probably be enhanced in people like vegetarians and vegans, who may be deficient in choline, but those ingredients may not do much for someone who eats a diet that’s rich in a wide variety of nutrients.

The idea here is that the most valuable reviews will be the ones that come from people who have a lifestyle that’s similar to yours. Their bodies are getting similar nutrients and facing similar pressures, and will probably benefit in similar ways.

What People Are Saying

The reviews that have probably been heard by the largest number of people are the joe rogan alpha brain endorsements. He’s a comedian, blogger, martial artist, and podcast host who has a broad following and has said that he feels more capable of putting sentences together and keeping up with the heavy mental demands of his life when he uses the supplement.

The product has also gotten an endorsement from the NFL linebacker Brian Cushing, who says that he takes 2 to 3 pills daily and it helps him to stay sharp. If you’re interested in someone who’s field of field of expertise is a little more closely aligned with the brain, the neurosurgeon Dr. Margin Lazer has said that he doesn’t know of any other single product that can do what these pills do.

Your Chance To Decide

It’s quite possible that the best thing about alpha brain supplements is that you don’t have to take a big risk to try them out. Their maker, Onnit labs, offers a 30-day refund on the purchase price you’ve paid for any of their formulas if you send the request within 3 months of when you made the purchase.

It’s still helpful to look at reviews and make sure you think it’s something that has a good chance of being helpful to you. When you’re deciding whether to actually make the jump and buy, though, it helps to have that safety net that says they’re confident enough in what they’re selling to give your money back.


Through this onnit alpha brain review, you have been given the information you need, to make a decision on whether or not Alpha Brain can improve your brain function. By checking with your doctor and following the manufacturer’s instructions for dosage, you can see major improvements in your life. Soon, the fog will be lifted from your brain and you will feel like a completely new person.